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YouTube Tuesday

Pardon me while I interrupt your regularly scheduled Everblades video to celebrate National Dog Day!


YouTube Tuesday

Pardon me while I interrupt your regularly scheduled Everblades video to celebrate National Dog Day!


YouTube Wednesday

I don’t know how your week is going, but I seem to have a little black rain cloud following me around lately. Luckily, one of my resolutions for this year was to be more positive, so I’ve been learning little tricks to help myself shoo away and gloomy feelings when they descend.

One of my favorite tricks? Feel good YouTube videos.

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YouTube Wednesday

From the sounds of it, free agent camp was pretty interesting, and four players were invited to the Everblades main camp. Of course, none of that is as interesting as the camp going on this week, but still, pretty good.

On to the video.

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YouTube Tuesday

I have to say, I’m feeling very proud of myself for posting this on Tuesday. I’m also proud of finding a video of our newest forward, Alexandre Lavoie.

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YouTube Wednesday

Yet again, the universe rewards my procrastination.

I can’t be to sure about how many times I’m going to re-watch this video, but, I’m thinking around 20 times is a safe estimate.

YouTube Wednesday

Well, for once my habit of dragging my feet paid off. Thanks to the Blades newest signing announcement, picking today’s video was a piece of cake.

I’m pretty sure we will all be enjoying Kyle Stroh’s scoring touch.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get excited about this season. Of course, I’d be more excited if they’d bring back a defenceman (or three) I like, but, I guess you can’t have everything.

YouTube Wednesday

I don’t know about you, but I need a bit of a pick me up today, and I can’t think a of a better way to do that than with perhaps the greatest moment in Everblades history.

I can’t be the only person who still gets chills.

On another note, I’m hoping to get the forums up and running soon. It’s going to be a bit delayed thanks to my microwave dying in the most spectacular way possible (basically, it was like a Once Upon a Time finale with less eyeliner and perfectly coiffed hair) and my usual boring life stuff, but it will be up soon.

YouTube Tuesday

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel incredibly proud of Rob Madore while watching these highlights. Some of those saves he made were simply spectacular.

YouTube Wednesday: Re-Cap Edition

The Everblades have been on quite a roll lately and last night was no exception.

I’m not going to pretend that my ongoing dislike of the Gladiators isn’t part of why I enjoyed the three game sweep of our least favorite divisional rival. Of course, most of my enjoyment comes from the Blades within striking distance of the divisional lead.

Overall, I’d call last night’s affair a pretty great game. Aside from some terrible officiating (which I’m beginning to accept is part and parcel with watching an ECHL game) and some terrible sportsmanship (something I’ve come to accept about the Gladiators), it was a pretty spectacular effort from the boys.

My favorite part of last night was Blades captain Mathieu Roy moving into second place in league wide scoring with his second hat trick in a week. Do you think you can find a more well rounded captain in the ECHL? Because I don’t really think that’s possible.

Of course, I could have lived without that extended 5 on 3 penalty kill in the first. I’m pretty sure it took at least a year off my life. Of course, my regular consumption of Germain arena concessions over the last couple of season could be more to blame.

Astoundingly, this is the first time I can’t  say I’m not happy with every players effort. Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I made it through a game without thinking somebody was half-assing it. All the players are doing little thing that make a big difference too. Like shot blocking (did you see Merrifield drop Roy style in front of that shot last night? Pretty sure I stopped breathing for a minute) and back checking. It’s amazing to see such a huge change.

And since all that effort should be rewarded I’m unveiling my new favorite idea… The Swamp Hockey Three Stars of the Game!

This will be rewarded to the guys who played an amazing game, but didn’t score enough to get the medias attention. This is completely subjective and I’m not going to pretend that I won’t play favorites (I guess everyone should be glad Bobby Raymond was signed by the Checkers, huh?).

So anyway, here we go:

3. Mike Merrifield: I agree with a lot of other fans that he’s made a total 360 and become a hell of a forward.

2. Dan Milan: The new gritty, no-nonsense defenceman thing? Me gusta.

1. Rob Madore: Still not sure how the performance he put in yesterday (or the entire series) wasn’t recognized. Some of those saves last night were insane and facing 123 shots (a little less than double what the Gladiators goalie faced) throughout a three game series is even more insane.

I’m also going to award Mike Ratchuk an honary star for continuing to make opposing team defences look like they’re mini mites who haven’t really figured out the whole skating thing (also, it’s his birthday, and people are supposed to give you nice things on your birthday).

Last, but not least, a little roster news. The Blades acquired a defenceman from the Komets today. I think his stats speak for themselves.



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