YouTube Tuesday: Kelly Cup Playoff Re-Cap

The National Conference series is all tied up 2-2 thanks to a 7-2 game from the Stockton Thunder. The American Conference series between the Cincinnati Cyclones and Reading Royals is now 3-2 hanks to a huge effort from the Cyclones to win game four 6-4 and win game five 5-0. For some reason, the Royals were not happy about losing two in a row, they seem to have lost their cool. I don’t think anyone who was at the Everblades game against the Royals in the early part of the season would forget the three fights in a row, and how much they can behave like a bunch of undisciplined thugs.

Here are three videos of the 5-0 games insanity….

Is it possible the Royals have lost their cool, or are the Cyclones just great when the cards are stacked against them? We won’t find out untill 7:35 Tomight. The series between the Steel heads and Thunder will also be played at 9:10 our time (7:10 theirs) tonight as well. If you’re interested you can check those game out on the B2 networks like you would for Everblades games.

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