Friday Links

I’m a little late today, but last nights Eagles game went to OT and a shoot-out after starting at 8:30, so you can imagine it was quite late after I drove all the way back from Estero. Also, it’s cold (for Florida) and it’s just impossible to get out of my nice warm bed when it’s really cold out.

Anyway, here’s your late serving of nice hot links.

– Tonight’s Everblades game won’t be on the radio, you’ll have to head over to this site to get a stream of the game. If your Internet is as cruddy as mine you can still catch the game,  I found an app in the Android market (and I’m assuming the apple store carries it as well) to stream the game to your phone. Just do a search for “uStream viewer,” once you get that downloaded search for “Everblades” and you’re set.

– I did take pictures of last night’s FGCU game. You’ll be able to see photos of the D3 squad in action over on the Blogs Flickr page Saturday afternoon.

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today “Society for International Hockey Research

– I just downloaded this book on Jean Beliveau to my eReader (I may have just found the power cord after two weeks of searching and not being able to read). I’m really excited to read about such an amazing player.

– On the same note, Greatest Hockey Legends has an amazing post on him.

– Someone’s found yet another creative use for hockey sticks, picture frames!

– So, a certain annual celebration is coming up and lets just say I’m hoping my loved ones know what kind of cake is needed for said celebration.

– I’m probably the only person fascinated by a very old interview with a Zamboni driver, but here’s the link anyway.

– Kitty time!

funny pictures-As soon as I figure out how to use a straw  you will be mine.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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