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Friday Links

Tonight is the Everblades first out of state road game. To hold you over until tonight’s match-up against 10th ranked South Carolina, here your usual Friday dose of links.

– If you didn’t pay to stream the game through NeuLion (and I didn’t since it was nearly the same price as NHL GameCenter, which is ridiculous), you can listen online here.

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today: The Trio Grande.

– Sometimes I’m amazed at the crazy Everblades gear you can find on eBay.

– Bolt Prospects latest podcast touches on the recent roster drama we’ve had down here (and makes a ton of valid points).

– Everblades alumnus David Leggio caused quite a stir with some… creative goaltending.

– You really can’t beat the beauty of an old school jersey.

– In case you missed it, Chris Kushneriuk  is growing a beard for Beards4Balls. You can click here to head over to his page to donate. We’ve almost got him a quarter of the way there in only a week!

– I almost forgot! Friday means hockey cake! This Rangers/Madison Square Garden cake is pretty cool.

Before I forget, How interested would you guys be in hockey book reviews? I’ve managed to build up quite the collection and some of them are so amazing I really should get the word out about them.

Friday Links

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a wet, dreary, Friday than with a heaping helping of fresh links.

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Friday Links

Another Friday, another dose of fresh links! Continue reading

Friday Links

I swear I didn’t forget your weekly serving of links, I was simply distracted by all the wonderful sales the tax free holiday inspired! So, without further ado, here’s your weekly serving of fresh links:

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Friday Links

The summer just keeps dragging along, but at least that’s getting us closer to season starting.

– Your Wikipedia Hockey page for today: Pride

– If you happen to be interested in the above mentioned TV show, it doesn’t appear that you can stream it on any of the standard services. But you can pay a lot of money for it on Amazon or  *cough* it may show up on say… YouTube?

– Some Everblades news that will make you super sad.

– Some Everblades news that will make you very happy.

– What I love most about digging around eBay for jerseys is coming across crazy jerseys from defunct minor league teams. This Knoxville Speed jersey is no exception.

– Let’s just take a second to applaud whomever it is in the Everblades front office that decided to bring some sass to the team’s Twitter.


– I’m still hoping to hear from anyone who is going to the try-outs. I’m sure all of us who won’t be able to make it will be eternally grateful for any first-hand impressions.

– I love these Carolina Hurricanes cufflinks way too much. Trouble is, I don’t wear anything that would require cufflinks (and to be honest, I’m not exactly clear on what they actually do).

– I’m always so in awe of the skill some bakers have. Seriously, how amazing is this cake?

Until next time people (Oh man do I suck at ending these posts).


Friday Links

The week flew by, didn’t it? Before we know it, season will be here.Anyway, here’s a fresh helping of your weekly links!

– If you haven’t read the inspiring story of the Everblades newest forward, Chris Kushneriuk, you really should. It’s going to be thrilling to watch his comeback story night in and night out.

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today is about a team with one heck of a name: Buffalo Norsemen.

– Jimmy Buffet and the Charlotte Checkers old ECHL logo on one jersey?! If only I had the disposable income…

– I’m not sure what to make of this (because it’s just plain odd), but do you really want to die without saying you’ve seen bears playing hockey?

– If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you know about my obsession with homedecor made out of hockey sticks. That’s why this chair is right up my ally. The usage of goalie sticks is definitely a creative idea.

– Regular readers will also be familiar with my hockey cake obsession. How cool would this one be with an Everblades theme?!

By the way, if any of you are planning on hitting Germain for the Everblades free agent camp August 8-10th please let me know. I’m not going to be able to make any of them (and I’m sure a lot of others won’t be able to as well), and I’d love to publish your thoughts or opinions on the camp and players. Either leave me a comment or use the contact us button to let me know if you’re in.

Friday Links

I bet you thought I was lying when I said I was back? Well, here I am, and here’s your (very belated) dose of fresh links:

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today: Anyang Halla.

– Today is the start of the North American Roller Hockey Championships at Germain. Have I mentioned it’s totally free?

– If that’s not your thing, maybe zombies are? The Ft. Myers Miracle are having a Zombie night that includes specialty jerseys to be auctioned off after the game. Bring your brrraaaiiiiiinnnnns and support another local sports team.

– I will never be happy if I can’t find a way to own this jersey

After reading this, I have to say, I’m a little said we weren’t able to keep up our tradition of throwing plastic gators on the ice.

– I’m always a little amazed at how cheap you can find vintage hockey stuff on Etsy: case in point.

A quick note: you may have noticed some changes already, but the biggest may be yet to come. What would you lovely little swamp rats think of a forum? A place to dish dirt, trash talk other teams (and their fans), celebrate the good stuff and commiserate with each other on the bad? Yea or nay?

Friday Links

The Icemen come to town tonight after the Solar Bears snapped their four game win streak earlier this week. Obviously, this game is going to be exciting thanks to the Everblades current win streak. To hold you over until 7:30, here’s your weekly helping of links. Enjoy.

– Sometimes the weirdest Everblades things get put on eBay.

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today: Professional Ice Hockey.

– You guys know I love hockey cakes. This one is pretty cute.

Buffalo Sabres Hockey Rink Cake

Random hockey trivia.

– OK, this is pretty awesome. Mostly because beer and hockey is a perfect combination.

– Your tweet of the week was easy to pick because… Ratchuk at forward is always fantastic news!


– Is it weird that I want to go to this?

– Kitty time!


Friday Links

I might have missed last week’s usual set of links, but I think this week will more than make up for it.

– The ECHL and PHPA announced that they had agreed to a new five year CBA.

– I’m kind of in love with this watercolor of Patrick Marleau (actually I’m in love all of that artist work).

– This hockey cake is pretty different, and I like it.

Ice hockey cake

– I don’t think I’ve linked to Third String Goalie in quite a while (which is a travesty if you ask me). Luckily, I think I’ve found one of their best posts of all time.

– CYCWORDS has a little ‘clone centric look at how the ECHL Eastern conference playoffs are shaping up. It’s still worth a read to see some of the insight. I did happen to ask him his thoughts on the Everblades and he thinks they’re looking OK.

– I guess if you’ve been lusting after an Ernie Hartlieb 15th anniversary jersey this might be a good purchase, but personally, that’s a lot of money to spend when you could just drop $20 on a junior Everblades raffle for the same jersey.

– Kitty time!


Friday Links

Like I said, I’m really back on the blogging wagon. That means, I’m back with your weekly dose of random links!

– The photos from Wednesday’s game are up. Check ’em out here.

– In a move that is only surprising by how long it took to happen, Brayden Irwin’s been signed to a PTO with the Norfolk Admirals.

– In related news, Maxime Parent has finally recovered enough from his surgery to play again. The best news? According to his Twitter, he plays tonight.

– This week’s tweet of the week is proof that living in Florida will eventually turn you into a grumpy retiree. Case in point:


– Sometimes you find Everblades fans in the oddest places. Case in point: the United Kingdom.

– I bet you guys missed your weekly dose of hockey cakes the most:

These pillows are just another piece that needs to be added to my (imaginary) hockey cave.

– Kitty time!



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