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Everblades Re-sign MacLean

Brandon MacLeanIn what I can only assume is the Blades front office continuing to mess with me (because I’m just that delusional), they announced the signing of Brandon MacLean.You may remember MacLean for that whole “ending 14 year Kelly Cup drought with a heart stopping overtime goal and making us all so happy we didn’t have voices the next day” thing.This is definitely good news. He was always fun to watch and obviously instantly became a fan favorite with that goal.


Personally, I’m hoping he can find a spot in the AHL (I pretty much want that for all the players), but I guess if he does have to play at the ECHL level it’s good for us it will be in a Blades jersey.

Oh! This is the perfect time for a contest, isn’t it?

Here we go: Leave your best nickname for Brandon MacLean in the blog’s comments. I’ll decide which is my favorite (though other fan votes may sway me in one direction or another) and award a MacLean autographed photo taken by yours truly to the best nickname. You’ll also get the satisfaction of seeing it used constantly (by me at least) and bragging rights.

Three rules:
1. Please keep it clean. I don’t need to be seen as any crazier than I already am. I’ll be using this nickname while tweeting and blogging, be nice.
2. If you’ve won something before, you can’t win this. Just giving everyone a chance to win something.
3. At least three people have to enter for the prize to be awarded, so maybe, I don’t know… share the joy of Swamp Hockey with those you love?

You have until next Wednesday to think one up. Good luck.

Also, I believe the Everblades will be announcing their 15th anniversary logo today. Personally, I’m terrified, because the logo is so awesome you really can’t improve on it.

Blades Receive Players

Things are starting to shape up in Everblades land. Last night the Charlotte Checkers assigned four players along with Evan Stephens and Scott Pitt. Both Stephens and Pitt had been invited to take part in the Checkers training camp. Some familiar names are amongst the players sent down. Both Kyle Lawson and Matt Beca will be back this season. Defenseman John Murray and goalie John Muse are the newcomers. You may remeber that Muse being sent down to the Everblades was a pretty sure thing  when the Checkers signed him. Chris Murray has spent much of his career bouncing between the ECHL and AHL.

John Muse’s stats:

Chris Murray’s stats:

The Blades also had three players from Norfolk assigned today. Familiar face Alex Hutchings will get another chance to get under the skin of the entire Eastern Confrence. Joining him will be rookie forward Philip-Michael Devos and rookie goaltender Pat Nagle.

Stats for Philip-Michael Devos:

Stats for Pat Nagle:

The updated roster:

Not counting the training camp invitees the roster stands at 21 skaters and 2 goalies. From the sounds of things, the Checkers may need to make one more cut to get their roster to a manageable size. If that happens, it means that the Everblades will probably have to make cuts as well.

Where are all the Signings?

Last night, a friend and fellow fan happened to mention the Blades haven’t been announcing signings. I have to admit, I’ve been mildly irritated by this. The last singing announcement was the return of Ryan McGinnis on the 17th. Since then, we’ve been told about a preseason game and a trade of player rights. That’s it.

Did I mention there is about a month and a half left till hockey season starts?

How about the fact that we only have five forwards and a defenseman under contract?

Of course, this lack of any information or updates is what I’ve come to expect from a team in which the front office can’t be bothered to do anything beyond the bare minimum in any situation.

Maybe I’m being sensitive. Maybe I’m overreacting. I just don’t know.

In order to support my opinion that the Blades front office is particularly cruddy I randomly checked rosters around the league. I learned two things:

  • Our roster is about the same size as all the teams I checked.
  • There are some truly horrible team websites out there. Like eye burningly bad (I’m looking at you Royals. There is such a thing as too much purple).

So, it turns out I am overly sensitive and I am overreacting. Irt looks like all the ECHL teams are basically in the same position.

To be fair, this off season has been very long and Bobby Raymond signed a two way contract with the Binghamton Senators which means he may be sent down to the Elmira Jackals.

I think I know a solution though.

humorous pictures
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

Yup, silly kitty pictures make everything better.

Yeah… that’s it. My recycle bin isn’t going to be full of empty bottles tomorrow or anything. Not at all.

Blades Make Qualifying Offers

The Everblades made their qualifying offers to players last Thursday. They were only able to make these offers to players that had been on the season ending roster.

From what I understand, the deal with the offer is that a non-veteran player has until August 1st to accept the offer. If he does not the team can either sign him for whatever they want or decide not to pursue anything further. Either way, the players ECHL rights are owned by the team.

Veteran players, on the other hand, are a little different. After the August 1st the player become a restricted free agent. This allows other teams to make an offer to the player. The team who held his rights then has7 days to match the offer. If that player receives no offer by the 31st he becomes an unrestricted free agent and anyone can sign him.

The Everblades made offers to these players:
– Brad Snetsinger
– Eric Olimb
– Bobby Raymond
– David Fischer
– Ross Carlson
– Dusty Collins
– Scott Pitt
– Ryan Zapolski

The interesting part of all of this was a little tidbit from Greg Poss in the NDN story on the offers being made (the full story, with some great quotes from Poss, is here).

“Second-year Blades coach Greg Poss said the team has already agreed to contracts with some of the players from the season-ending roster who did not receive offers Friday.”

 You may be wondering who was on the season ending roster. Good thing I’m here for you.

I’ve put a line through the players who have signed in Europe and highlighted the players who have received qualifying offers.

– Mathieu Roy
– Drew Larman
Ross Carlson
– Alex Imbeault
Brad Snetsinger
Scott Pitt
– Tyler Helfrich
Dusty Collins
– Mike Kennedy
– Nick Tarnasky
Bobby Raymond
David Fischer
– Brad Good
Eric Olimb
– Evan Stephens
– Deron Cousens
Mike Egener
– Trevor Hendrikx
Mike Zacharias
Ryan Zapolski.

It’s pretty interesting to see who is left, isn’t it? If  what he said was true, some of the players on the season ending roster who were not given offers are already signed. It’s interesting right? Mathieu Roy and Drew Larman, two players I said I wanted back in a post at the end of the season, might be signed already.

I think the only reason Olimb was given an offer when he all ready has a contract in Europe was to ensure we maintain his rights. I’m also pretty sure that Alex Imbeault was serious about retiring.

Obviously, the possibility of certain players re-signing is exciting. Of course the Blades will probably pull their usual once a week signing announcement on Thursday between noon and two (you think I’m joking don’t you? I’m not, just wait), and make us all wait and wonder. Jerks.

The Newest Everblade?

Reports out of France are that the Blades have signed French forward Luc Tardif Jr. The story, in French, can be found here. I’ll quote the translated article here though.

Luc Tardif Jr is still Rouen but not for long. The athletic wing of the France team (1.92 m, 100 kg) income for Dragons de Rouen (Seine-Maritime), in his original club, there are two seasons to stuff yourself with national honors (Magnus Cups, a Cup of France, one League Cup, a champions Trophy), toured the question hexagonal.

So the young man of 26 has signed a contract with FloridaEverblades, a club of the ECHL South Division (East Coast Hockey League), one of the American professional leagues in early October. In the meantime, until the end of September, it remains licensed in Rouen. And of course that it will deceive his possible new team during the camp …”

His stats from Elite prospects-

A video of him mixing it up with a Danish hockey player in a “friendly” international game-

There hasn’t yet been an official announcement from the Blades about him being signed.

Actually, there’s been no word from the Blades about anything.

If he is in fact signed by the Blades he looks promising. It’s going to be a big adjustment after all those years playing Euro hockey to be dropped into the ECHL and the North American style of hockey, but he looks scrappy, I think he’ll be fine.

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

I’ve been wondering this since the playoffs started and when the Blades lost the series to Kalamazoo, I asked this of you guys on Twitter.

Who do we want back next season?

Obviously, not every player can come back. Some will get better deals in Europe, an AHL gig, jump ship for some other ECHL team, or just retire.

To make things a little easier I’ve decided to exclude the guys with AHL contracts that had been sent down or signed in the middle of the year. This excludes guys like Staal, Graham, McKenzie, Janus, Lemieux, Spencer, etc. I also, decide to eliminate Imbeault, because he’s already stated he doesn’t want to come back.

So, who do I want back? Easy.

Must haves:

– Bobby Raymond- I have never hidden the fact that he was (and still is) my favorite skater this season. Aside from being reliable. I lived for those moments when he seemed to decide it was time to do something and would take off (seriously, he is insanely fast) end to end dodging the other teams players like they were nothing.

– Brad Snetsinger- I was very impressed by him in the short time he played with the Blades. The guy has put up some pretty numbers over the last few years. I’d love to see him put up some more in a Blades jersey.

– Mathieu Roy- How much has Roy grown as a player over the last few season? I can’t believe what an amazing player he’s turned into. Add to that his grittiness, gift for irritating the other team, and leadership abilities. What more can you want? I will be the happiest person on Earth if the Blades re-sign him.

– Drew Larman- He may have struggled a bit at the beginning of the season, but he really found his groove at the end. No one was as great at face-offs as him. It doesn’t hurt that the dude is fast and gritty either.

– David Fischer- Honestly, if you had asked me if I wanted him back next season in the early months of this season I would have said no. There was just something not quite right about his play. Without me noticing though, this guy became a solid, reliable defenseman.

– Matt Beca- I will throw a fit like a six year-old if he doesn’t come back. Really. Those one timers are a thing of beauty and the dude works his butt off every single shift.What more does a team need?

– Ross Carlson- I know in the story I linked to yesterday he said he wasn’t sure, but I’d still love to see him back. It won’t be an Everblades game without old reliable.

– J.F. David- I liked his style, he was a good veteran to have and a solid guy. It would be nice to see him play a full season, and maybe get some playoff time as well.


Mostly the new guys who joined at the end of the season, Dusty Collins, Tyler Helfrich, Evan Stephens, Deron Cousens, and Brad Good. I don’t feel like I saw any of these guy play enough to say I don’t want them back or say I saw anything impressive enough to convince me I have to see them come back. You can add Trevor Hendrikx to this list for the same reason.


Which goalie to bring back is a major conundrum for me. I still stand by my opinion that we must lock down a goalie with an ECHL contract. The problem is, who do we bring back? Mike Zacharias was solid, and was always in position. He just had a nasty habit of giving up tons of juicy rebounds rather than freezing the puck. Ryan Zapolski only played in one game. He was amazing in that game, but was that a one time thing? Is he worth the risk if we can get Zacharias? Do we even want Zacharias? I honestly don’t know.

No Thank Yous:

Mike Egener- I know a lot of you guys loved him, but I just can’t. He had a nasty habit of taking very stupid penalties and I just can’t stand an undisciplined player. Especially when he has the C on his jersey. His injury issues are also more risk than I’m willing to deal with

-Mike Kennedy- This may be unfair as he didn’t play for a huge chunk of the season, but I was never amazed by him when he did play. I’d rather we have roster space to be honest.

– Scott Pitt- I know one person who will hate me forever for this, but I just didn’t see the guy play with any heart. It always seems tough for the guys right out of college, but he didn’t ever seem to try when he did play. I don’t mind being proven wrong about him though.

– Eric Olimb- Pretty much what I just said about Pitt. I was just not impressed.

Perhaps a Bit Crazy:

– Mitch Fadden- Since he was released by the Lightning he can sign with whomever he wants. I know he was released for a reason, but I’d love it if he could turn his life around and maybe find a little redemption here. If he can, I think he might be one of those Blades alumni that accomplish something great. But he has to turn his life around. I really can’t stress that enough.

As much as I’d love to see any of the AHL guys return (especially Alex Hutchings, I absolutely adore that little pest), I don’t want to. I want them to move on to the next step in their careers. I will mention that Bobby Goepfert only signed a one year contract with the Checkers. If they are idiotic enough to not bring him back I’d love to see us pick him up.

So, what do you guys think? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments. Even if you think I’m way off base.

ECHL Announces All-Decade Team

The ECHL announced the players for the All-Decade team, and some former Everblades actually made the list! Defensemen Darrell Hay (00-01), Peter Metcalf (08-10), and goalie Marc Magliarditi (00-01), all made the list. If your interested in the full list you can find it here, that link will also explain the qualifications for making the list.

Some lovely quotes from the ECHL’s list on the three former Blades:

“Darrell Hay scored 224 points (50g-174a) in 387 games during the decade with Florida, Columbia and Idaho. He was a part of Idaho’s Kelly Cup championship teams in 2004 and 2007 and was named All-ECHL First Team in 2007-08. Hay was named to the starting line-up for the 2007 ECHL All-Star Game and was selected to serve as an alternate captain at the 2008 ECHL All-Star Game.”

Peter Metcalf led all ECHL defensemen during the decade with 245 assists and 297 points and was tied for fifth with 52 goals. Metcalf was named ECHL Defenseman of the Year in 2007-08 and was the Plus Performer of the Year in 2005-06. He was named All-ECHL First Team in 2006-07 and 2007-08 and All-ECHL Second Team in 2005-06 and 2008-09. Metcalf won two Kelly Cup championships during the decade, winning with Atlantic City in 2003 and Alaska in 2006.”

Marc Magliarditi was 150-77-22 in 258 appearances during the decade with Florida, Louisiana, Richmond and Las Vegas. He was named All-ECHL Second Team in 2005-06 when he went a career-best 34-11-5 in 51 games with Las Vegas. Magliarditi is first in ECHL history with 25 shutouts, second with 217 wins and tied for 12th with a 2.55 goals-against average.”

Sadly, standout like Reggie Berg and Tom Buckly didn’t make the list. Neither did one of the most beloved players to ever don an Everblades jersey, Ernie Hartlieb. It is pretty exciting that the Everblades tied for second most players, and blew our divisional rivals out of the water. Gwinette and South Carolina didn’t have a single player named to the list.”

All in all, I’m proud of the guys that made the list. Although I still want Peter Metcalf to come back, and I really wish they had switched sides during the Alumni game so I could post awesome photos of Maglarditi from that game, but oh well. You can’t win them all.

Roster News

The Everblades made two announcements today, one a signing, and the other the training camp roster. First, the list of players invited to training camp (which starts Sunday).

Players that have been invited to try-out (with stats if I could find them):
-Reed Swanson (G)
-Brian Markowicz (G)-

-Nate Zervous (G)- You can read this great story from the Naples Daily News about him for some background. I have to admit that I’m a little confused about the correct spelling. For the last two years I thought it was Zervos, but the team has this spelling submitted to the league. If I have been spelling it wrong I’m sorry, but Google leads me to believe the new spelling isn’t what he’s been using.

-Tommy Powers (D)-

-Oleg Kuzmin (F)-

-Tristian Cameron-Harper (F)
-Richie Smith (F)

And players that already have contracts:

-Evgeny Timkin (F)
-Mathieu Roy (F)
-Kevin Deeth (F)
-Ross Carlson (F)

-David Fischer (D)

Now, on to the signing. The Everblades have brought on forward Mike Kennedy. His stats:

And a video of him from his Cornell days earning an assist (there’s also some awesome goalie taunting):

As you can see, he spent some time playing in Albany. It appears an injury ended his season. It’s going to be interesting to see how he comes back after being off the ice for most of last season.

Blades Sign Fischer

The Blades announced another signing yesterday. Defenseman David Fisher was the 20th player selected in the first round of the NHL entry draft by the Montreal Canadiens. He spent the last four seasons playing for the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. First, links to his prospect report and at Hockey’s Future and a (poorly) translated story about the source of some of his struggles. Now, his stats:

Now, an interview after his first collegiate goal:

I have to admit I was very surprised by this signing. If you remember Craig Brush said in an interview that he was done signing players, so this signing was obviously a shock. My guess is either he wasn’t on the radar until the Canucks cut him from their prospect camp or one of the prospects Brush was expecting from our affiliates won’t be coming.

Of course, there is also the possibility that he doesn’t expect one of the players we have under contract  to return from the AHL camps they were invited to. The Norfolk Admirals, our new AHL affiliate, invited several players to camp. Shea Guthrie, Phil Paquet, Mitch McColm, Alexandre Imbeault, Francis Lemieux, and Bobby Raymond, all received invite. Also, Mike Egener and Kevin Deeth received invites to the Oklahoma City Barons and Chicago Wolves respectively.

I know I seem  to say this a lot, but we really won’t see until the season starts. Camp and the upcoming alumni game on Tuesday should at least give us a good idea.

Blades Make a Trade

Update: (I think I’m going to stop writing late night posts) I missed the fact that this was only the players rights that were traded. This means that if he decides to play for a European team he won’t be hitting the ice for the Everblades.

The Everblades completed a trade with the Alaska Aces, acquiring forward Alexandre Imbeault in return for future considerations.Imbeault was one of the best players on the Aces roster before he bolted for the Czech league. As you can see from his stats, the Czech league may not have been his cup of tea, but the ECHL certainly is:

How beautiful are those numbers?

Speaking of beautiful, look at these goals:


I did find some interesting things floating around on the Internet. First, some positive here. There’s also some comments on this blog that makes me a bit nervous, but really, how can you take any commenter who writes some words in all caps (for no apparent reason) seriously?

The most interesting thing about this trade is that it’s probably the last roster move the Everblades are going to make. The quotes from Bush over at the Blades’ Blog sure sound like 14 players will be all the team keeps under contract. It makes me a little nervous that we will be relying on our affiliates for a pretty decent chunk of our roster this season. The good news is, with a lot of teams running their training camps right now, we should have a good idea of who will be heading to town by the time our training camp starts.


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