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Everblades vs. Royals (4/24/13)

Everblades vs. Royals (4/24/13)

The photos from last night’s game against the Royals are now up.

Everblades vs. Jackals 4/15/13

Everblades vs. Jackals 4/15/13

Photos from Monday’s game six win are now up.

Everblades vs. Solar Bears (3/29/13)

Everblades vs. Solar Bears (3/29/13)

The photos from Fridays Everblades vs. Solar Bears game are now up.

YouTube Tuesday: Road Trip Edition

The Everblades take on the Solar Bears tonight at Amway arena in Orlando. What better way to get pumped than watching everyone’s favorite forward score some sweet goals against the Bears?

I hope some of you are planning on making the quick trip up to Orlando to watch the Blades take on the Solar Bears. I’ll be there with my cowbell tonight and tomorrow, I’m sure you’ll hear me in the arena and on the radio.

If you do make the trip, I recommend taking US 17 up it’s a little more interesting and there are a lot less people from Ohio driving 15 under the speed limit in the left lane.

Oh! Remember to keep your ticket if you leave your seat, everyone at Amway is way too serious about an ECHL hockey game. Also, your bag will be checked, and for some reason they feel the need to keep the cap of your water bottle if you buy it from the concession stand.

Also, eat at Hamburger Mary’s. It’s two blocks from the arena and the food is delicious.

The photos from last Friday’s Everblades vs Cyclones game are now up.

The photos from last Friday’s Everblades vs Cyclones game are now up.

Everblades vs. Gladiators (2/20/13)

Everblades vs. Gladiators (2/20/13)

The photo’s from last night’s game are now up. A re-cap post will be going up later this afternoon.

YouTube Tuesday

I swear I didn’t almost forget about your weekly dose of Everblades video goodness. This week, I have a video (with mismatched audio) of Beau Schmitz taking on current ECHL scoring leader Nick Petersen.

On a different note, the photos from last Wednesday and Friday’s games are now up on Flickr.

Friday Links

I’m still a bit sad about Wednesdays loss, but I feel really good about tonight. And not just because we get free mustaches!

– Bob Ferguson was before my time, but here’s a great interview with him that talks about the early days of the Blades.

– You really can’t beat a jersey cake, can you?

<a href=”; title=”Hanan by Redpath Sugar, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”333″ height=”500″ alt=”Hanan”></a>

– You know what’s insane? Charging $10 (plus $3.50 shipping and handling) for something most of us got for free last week.

– A story from the Naples Daily News on Corey Trivino, added without comment.

– This isn’t hockey related at all, but Mental_Floss has a quiz that asks you to name all 52 animated Disney Films. I managed 41. Can you do better?

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today is “National Hockey Association

This thing is beyond awesome. What a great way to display a jersey or stick.


YouTube Tuesday

The second week of the Blades season wasn’t exactly spectacular. In fact, I vote we pretend that atrocity of a game on Friday never happened. It was totally a 2-1 loss, right guys?

Saturday’s game may have been a bit better. The guys did walk away with a point, but losing still sticks in my craw. The one upside to that game may have been the 12 round shoot-out. Not the longest in Everblades history, but a decent length one to say the least.

Lucky for us, some incredibly obnoxious Bear fan managed to catch it on film. I really do recommend you mute your computer speakers before pressing play.

My video highlights:

  • Holy fancy pants arena Orlando! Are all the seats upholstered in Corinthian leather? Are the seats warmed and cooled? If I buy a ticket in the lower rows will Magic players feed me grapes, rub my shoulders, and fan me?!
  • Notice how Alex Imbeault felt the need to run over a goalie? In a freaking shoot-out? Too much effort to be a decent human being, eh Alex?
  • If you hadn’t muted the video by the two minute mark you now understand why I told you to.
  • Maybe both teams should practice shoot-out so I don’t have to sit through a video this long having to listen to someone that stupid.
  • I hope Marquardt filed a report with the Orlando PD, because he was robbed!
  • Poor Kivistö.
  • Fun fact: to get that little ö character in Kivistö you type ALT 0246. The more you know.
  • At this point, I think the next time I hear a “booooooo: I’m going to instinctively rage punch the person making it. Just because of this video.
  • MacLean should have been given a goal simply because he was Brandon “I score Kelly Cup winning goals like it’s no big deal and then have the best goal celly ever” MacLean.
  • That might be too long of nickname…
  • Obviously, that Bears shooter cheated. Nagle is too perfect to give that goal up.
  • Curry’s pain when Hutchings scored was DELICIOUS.
  • Image

Don’t forget, South Carolina plays the Blades tomorrow. If you know any cab drivers, warn them!

Friday Links

– Your Wikipedia Hockey page for today- “Grinder

– I forgot to bring back the tweet of the week last week! It’s okay though, I’ve got a double dose of Tweet-tasticness!



– I found this neat little Everblades shirt.

– I found some easy directions for creating your own backyard hockey rink! Now I just have to wait for the coldest cold snap South Florida has ever seen. That’s totally going to happen, right?

– Your awesome hockey cake of the week:

<a href=”; title=”Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey cake by Cake Me I’m Yours Canada, on Flickr”><img src=”; width=”373″ height=”500″ alt=”Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey cake”></a>

– For whatever reason, I’m a huge sucker for vintage table top hockey games.

– Annnnnd cue the kitty:



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