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Everblades vs. Jackals 4/15/13

Everblades vs. Jackals 4/15/13

Photos from Monday’s game six win are now up.

YouTube Tuesday

What better way is there to spend YouTube Tuesday than remembering Friday night’s amazing game and Alex Hutchings’ hat-trick?

Friday Links

I have to be honest, I’m still riding high from Wednesday’s Blades win. The guys managed to chase the third best goalie in the league at the moment and battled back every time the Jackals started to change momentum. It really was a thing of beauty. It has definitely made me pumped for tonight. Even sitting through the inevitable traffic hell that is the I-75 Daniels overpass right now is going to be worth it if they bring what they brought tonight. Until then, why night enjoy your weekly dose of links (that I almost forgot)?

– Another reason to be excited about tonight? The Blades are wearing the specialty military jerseys tonight. You may have noticed them at Wednesday’s game, and honestly, I really like them. They’re also offering special discounted tickets for veterans and active military tonight as well.

– Has anyone noticed the Blades haven’t given out a bobble head in a few seasons? I guess I have to content myself with wasting money on old Blades Bobbles on eBay. Like this one. WHAT COULD BE MORE AWESOME THAN A ROB ZEPP BOBBLE HEAD GUYS?!

– The winner of this week’s tweet of the week was hard to pick, but I had to go with this one:

– Every week it seems like another ECHL team signs a player with NHL experience. Meanwhile, we’re about an hour and a half from two NHL franchises and can’t get one guy willing to commute. No bueno.

– The league fined one of Elmira’s players for “violating the leagues exclusive equipment policy”,which I’ve never seen happen before and I was not aware could actually happen. I looked through the photos I took and I can’t figure out what was wrong, but I’m far from an expert on hockey equipment styles and brands.

– A scarf may not be useful here in South Florida for anything other than those three super cold (and by super cold I mean Floridan cold: 50°), but it would be pretty cool to get this scarf in Blades colors.

– Puck Daddy did their own post on John Curry’s temper Tantrum. I don’t care who you are, that’s still funny.

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today: Sledge Hockey

– The moment you’ve all been waiting for: Kitty time!


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