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Friday Links

The Blades take on the Wheeling Nailers  who currently sit in last place thanks to their 3-5-2 record over the last ten games. While the Blades sit in an OK position conference-wise, they could use every point possible to stay competitive in the ridiculously competitive South division.

– Not a bad jersey find on eBay.

– It wasn’t as hard as you think to pick the tweet of the week. The Wheeling jokes have been funny, but let’s be honest, that’s the lowest hanging fruit possible. Instead, I chose to go with Dan Milan reminding us of what we all wanted more than anything when we were kids.

twotw2-4– And since I’m not a horrible person, I’ll provide you with a link to buy those amazingly fantastic straws.

– I adore this hockey shirt. I recommend checking our their other shirts as well. they’re all pretty awesome.

– Have I shared these directions to make your own tabletop ice rink before? Because it’s just fantastic.

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today: Summit Series.

– Someone loan me the money for this awesome coffee table (fun fact: coffee tables and cocktail tables are the same thing. Lear something new everyday, eh?)

– This big kitty reminds me of the time I woke up to a bobcat hanging out on my back porch. Living in the wilderness isn’t always awesome y’all.


Friday Links

We’re slowly inching closer and closer to hockey season.- Of course the Blades announced a player signingright after I give up waiting. Of course.- The Blades also announced a charity golf tourney. Unfortunately, FEMA has banned me from any sport that includes equipment that can go flying into crowds of spectators after a minor debacle that involved a bat and a crowd just trying to enjoy a nice day of rec league softball. I’m sure you guys will have fun though.

–  You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the issues the NHL and PHPA are currently dealing with when it comes to a new CBA. Luckily, the ECHL and PHPA don’t have to worry about that until next season (yay?). If you are interested, you can check out the highlights of the ECHL CBA (or pay for the full document if that’s what floats your boat).

– Which makes this week’s Wikipedia hockey page an easy choice- “NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement

– I love this hockey cake so much! The owner of the photo has turned off my ability to share, but it’s certainly worth the click.

– Finding this Mathieu Roy card on eBay almost gave me a heart attack. Then I realized it was the slightly older AHL journeyman that everyone always confuses with our wonderful captain.

– It’s always interesting to see how cheap hockey jerseys can be on etsy. This vintage Rangers jersey is no exception

– Kitty time!

Friday Links

Slowly but surely we’re getting through the off season. There was some pretty great Everblades news this week and the Jr Blades are starting to get things rolling as well. We’re almost there guys.- Another season of great hair behind the Blades bench? Aces.- There’s a lot of news coming out of Solar Bears land, hidden in all those words is a blurb about the Bears’ plan to award a trophy named after former Bear Dan Snyder. Pretty cool of them.

– On a related note, how hilarious is it that the Solar Bears Photoshop the same chest in a jersey onto all of their players roster photos?

– This cake is the cutest thing ever

Animals playing hockey cake
– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- “Street Hockey

This scarf is pretty cool, for something bearing the Red Wings logo that is.

– Kitty time!

Friday Links

Another Friday, another set of fresh links for you guys.- File this under fantastic news: The team announced that Leigh Salters is returning.Leigh Salters– The Checkers posted a great articleon Justin Shugg. It’s hard to believe he’s only 20.- I can’t even believe someone has the gall to ask $20 for this Everblades shirt. It’s obviously a freebie. Anyone have an idea when it came out? Then we’d be able to truly asses its collectability.

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- “Asia League Ice Hockey“. If anyone finds themselves in Northern Japan, I want a Nippon Paper Cranes shirt.

– I wish I could pull off the kind of clothes that require cufflinks, because these are awesome. Alas, peplum jackets and cufflinks don’t really go together.

– Friday means it’s kitty time!

Friday Links

I don’t know about you but this offseason is taking forever. Maybe your weekly serving of links can keep you busy for the 70-something days left in the offseason.- The Blades signedsome guy named Bobby Raymond yesterday. No big deal.320

That was a total lie, I’m beyond excited about that news. Obviously there’s still the possibility he’ll sign an AHL deal (like David Rutherford), but if he plays in the ECHL at least we’re guaranteed it’ll be in a Blades jersey.

– I’m sure you guys won’t be surprised by this link to the Third String Goalie blogs usual awesomeness.

– I know I normally share Blades stuff from eBay, but once I saw this Titans jersey I couldn’t help myself. THE HORROR!

– Your Wikipedia Hockey Page for today: Goaltender Mask

– I can’t share the photo of this hockey cake here on the blog, but I do encourage you to check it out, it’s great.

– This is quite possibly the greatest project of all time. Every living room needs a coffee table made out of hockey sticks.

– Kitty time!

Friday Links

Another Friday, another serving of fresh links.- Four games between the Solar Bears and Everblades were rescheduled.- Up to 12 returnees from  last season squad? Yes, please.

This jersey is so spectacularly hideous that I love it.

– Al Larson, the Blades official photographer, has an amazing photo book for sale that commemorates the Blades Kelly Cup season.

– Gummy bears playing hockey in an outdoor arena. In cake form! So amazing.


– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today- “Victoria Cup

– It looks like Jaroslav Janus will be playing in Europe next season.

– This has nothing to do with hockey, but I love lists of weird holidays. Here’s everything you can celebrate in August. Personally, I’m looking forward to National Bad Poetry Day. Mostly because that’s the only kind I’m capable of.

– The Solar Bears are going to honor the IHL Solar Bear’s Turner Cup and raise a banner. Pretty cool of them to respect Orlando hockey history.

– It wouldn’t be a Friday around here without a kitty.

Friday Links

Another week down, another week closer to hockey season. How about some links to celebrate?- Don’t forget that in the last post I offered up a signed Brandon MacLean picture to the winner of the contest. So far, it looks like I’m going to get to keep it (which I’m so OK with). If you don’t want to leave a comment I will accept entries by email.

– More hockey furniture? More hockey furniture!

– In case you missed it: The Blades 15th anniversary logo.

– I love jersey cakes.

Hockey Jersey Cake

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today: Checking

– I managed to miss the fact that the blog turned three Wednesday. I’d like to think I’ve improved since the first post (related: oh man do I miss all five players mentioned).

– I want to make a joke about the Wranglers coach saving a drowning man in Boston Harbor (something about making up for not saving his floundering team or something?),but I really can’t.

– I found an affordable jersey that would be good for anyone OK with that horrid logo from the 07-08 season. My only issue is that it’s labeled a game-worn when it obviously isn’t. No fight strap and never had a nameplate and numbers= never on a player during a game.

– Kitty time!

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