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Opening Night

After what seemed like an eternity, the night we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Obviously, our wait for the season to begin can’t compare to our wait for the Kelly Cup. But, it was still long and miserable.
Unlike a lot of hockey fans, we’re lucky the lockout came. For at least the next few days (or weeks, or months) we get to see a majority of the guys that won us a Kelly Cup. It’s safe to say that a majority of them don’t belong down here. They have proven they have skills to be playing in the AHL. But fate is odd, and we get our boys back for however long people see fit to argue about what millionaire deserve a few extra million more than another. We get to see our guys take the ice in the blue and green once again.

And it feels good.

So tonight, remember, you are a fan of the Florida Everblades. It doesn’t matter if you were one of the original season ticket holders or someone who just joined up right before the final game of the playoffs. We’re all Everblades fans. Bring your signs, crazy wigs, cowbells, and any other crazy thing you can think of. Tonight is not a night to be modest or subtle about your love for this team.
Tonight is the night to celebrate their accomplishment and our commitment. Be loud, be proud Blades fans. We deserve this.

Wow, that was really to serious guys. Please enjoy this kitty as an apology.

Friday Links

We finally hit the one month till hockey season mark people. We’ve managed to survive this long and we don’t have to limp along much longer. As always, here’s your weekly fix of random links.- I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Bakersfield Condors offered Justin Beiber a contract. While everyone else was having a meltdown and pulling out chucks of hair over the worlds most obvious publicity stunt, some genius added the Beib to Elite Prospects.

– With the lockout looming, a lot of Floridian NHL fans are figuring out that their only chance at hockey this season may be the Blades or Solar Bears. That means that all the less than honest people flood eBay with product descriptions that aren’t exactly true. Take this for instance. The Blades have never worn warm-up jerseys before games (unlike the K-Wings and their spectacular McDonalds warm-ups).

I will always share this picture at any given opportunity. Always.

– Along those lines, here’s a story from the News-Press about how the NHL lock-out could affect the Blades.

– This is not hockey related, but this is the only way I have of remembering whether I should use affect or effect.

– I love this cake!

San Jose Sharks Hockey Puck Groom's Cake Jessica

Here’s a story about former Everblade Jared Staal and the make or break season ahead of him.

– I must have these awesome hockey skate cookies delivered to me once a month!

– Your Wikipedia hockey page for today is further proof you’ll never know of every single professional hockey team to play in North America- “ Arkansas GlacierCats

– Kitty time!



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