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YouTube Wednesday: Re-Cap Edition

The Everblades have been on quite a roll lately and last night was no exception.

I’m not going to pretend that my ongoing dislike of the Gladiators isn’t part of why I enjoyed the three game sweep of our least favorite divisional rival. Of course, most of my enjoyment comes from the Blades within striking distance of the divisional lead.

Overall, I’d call last night’s affair a pretty great game. Aside from some terrible officiating (which I’m beginning to accept is part and parcel with watching an ECHL game) and some terrible sportsmanship (something I’ve come to accept about the Gladiators), it was a pretty spectacular effort from the boys.

My favorite part of last night was Blades captain Mathieu Roy moving into second place in league wide scoring with his second hat trick in a week. Do you think you can find a more well rounded captain in the ECHL? Because I don’t really think that’s possible.

Of course, I could have lived without that extended 5 on 3 penalty kill in the first. I’m pretty sure it took at least a year off my life. Of course, my regular consumption of Germain arena concessions over the last couple of season could be more to blame.

Astoundingly, this is the first time I can’t  say I’m not happy with every players effort. Honestly, I can’t recall the last time I made it through a game without thinking somebody was half-assing it. All the players are doing little thing that make a big difference too. Like shot blocking (did you see Merrifield drop Roy style in front of that shot last night? Pretty sure I stopped breathing for a minute) and back checking. It’s amazing to see such a huge change.

And since all that effort should be rewarded I’m unveiling my new favorite idea… The Swamp Hockey Three Stars of the Game!

This will be rewarded to the guys who played an amazing game, but didn’t score enough to get the medias attention. This is completely subjective and I’m not going to pretend that I won’t play favorites (I guess everyone should be glad Bobby Raymond was signed by the Checkers, huh?).

So anyway, here we go:

3. Mike Merrifield: I agree with a lot of other fans that he’s made a total 360 and become a hell of a forward.

2. Dan Milan: The new gritty, no-nonsense defenceman thing? Me gusta.

1. Rob Madore: Still not sure how the performance he put in yesterday (or the entire series) wasn’t recognized. Some of those saves last night were insane and facing 123 shots (a little less than double what the Gladiators goalie faced) throughout a three game series is even more insane.

I’m also going to award Mike Ratchuk an honary star for continuing to make opposing team defences look like they’re mini mites who haven’t really figured out the whole skating thing (also, it’s his birthday, and people are supposed to give you nice things on your birthday).

Last, but not least, a little roster news. The Blades acquired a defenceman from the Komets today. I think his stats speak for themselves.


Friday Links

Like I said, I’m really back on the blogging wagon. That means, I’m back with your weekly dose of random links!

– The photos from Wednesday’s game are up. Check ’em out here.

– In a move that is only surprising by how long it took to happen, Brayden Irwin’s been signed to a PTO with the Norfolk Admirals.

– In related news, Maxime Parent has finally recovered enough from his surgery to play again. The best news? According to his Twitter, he plays tonight.

– This week’s tweet of the week is proof that living in Florida will eventually turn you into a grumpy retiree. Case in point:


– Sometimes you find Everblades fans in the oddest places. Case in point: the United Kingdom.

– I bet you guys missed your weekly dose of hockey cakes the most:

These pillows are just another piece that needs to be added to my (imaginary) hockey cave.

– Kitty time!


YouTube Tuesday

The Everblades keep announcing signings I approve of. This week, they announced Matt Marquardt will be returning.Matt MarquardtHe was definitely my favorite trade acquisition last year. We received him from the Bakersfield Condors in exchange for Josh Van Dyk.

He ended up with 6 goals and 12 assists in the playoffs. My favorite goal from the playoffs has to be this beauty, an overtime goal in game three of the Kelly Cup Final.

Obviously, that beauty of a goal was later overshadowed by the overtime goal we’ll all remember forever, but it’s still fantastic (and proof that the Wranglers had an awful ability to make the most heinous turnovers of all time at the worst possible time).

Friday Links

I don’t know about you but this offseason is taking forever. Maybe your weekly serving of links can keep you busy for the 70-something days left in the offseason.- The Blades signedsome guy named Bobby Raymond yesterday. No big deal.320

That was a total lie, I’m beyond excited about that news. Obviously there’s still the possibility he’ll sign an AHL deal (like David Rutherford), but if he plays in the ECHL at least we’re guaranteed it’ll be in a Blades jersey.

– I’m sure you guys won’t be surprised by this link to the Third String Goalie blogs usual awesomeness.

– I know I normally share Blades stuff from eBay, but once I saw this Titans jersey I couldn’t help myself. THE HORROR!

– Your Wikipedia Hockey Page for today: Goaltender Mask

– I can’t share the photo of this hockey cake here on the blog, but I do encourage you to check it out, it’s great.

– This is quite possibly the greatest project of all time. Every living room needs a coffee table made out of hockey sticks.

– Kitty time!

YouTube Tuesday

The Everblades announced their latest signing today and I’m pretty happy with it. You really can’t beat a 6′ 4”, 209 lb defensive defenseman.His stats:

He might be familiar to you if you’ve been to the College Classic tournament the Blades hold every year. In seven games in Germain, he notched three assists, not too shabby.

You can follow him on twitter here.

YouTube Tuesday

The Blades are just killing it with these signings so far. Bringing back the captain that led the team to it’s first Kelly Cup? Très magnifique.

YouTube Tuesday

105Well, it looks like next season’s taken care off guys, no need to worry anymore.

Rudy has returned ladies and gentlemen, obviously today’s YouTube Tuesday has to be dedicated to him.

One day left in the contest by the way. Right now it looks like the autographed Brandon MacLean picture stays with me. I’m not complaining, but I thought someone would like it…

YouTube Tuesday

I’ve admitted I have a mild phobia of mascots haven’t I? Well, I’m slowly starting to get over it thanks to the Charlotte Checkers mascot, Chubby. It’s kind of hard not to like him.

I’m sure you guys are as bored as I am waiting for signing announcements, but as usual, the Blades are taking their good sweet time. I’m sure it’ll be like every other year where we get our first signing announcement around the time the other teams in the league have announced half a rosters worth of signings.


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